Friday, September 12, 2008



Sooo i told you guys about the rumor started on BALLER ALERT.COM by a person who was a MEMBER ..not a person who owns or even runs the site. This is supposedly a statement that his representatives sent over to

"The young lady in question was a young lady that Mr. Johnson met during his time at his new residence in Miami Beach. Mr. Johnson does know the young lady, however, the young lady attempted through various means to extort money through Mr. Johnson. When the extortion didn’t work, she tried to file criminal complaints but the police dropped the case because it had no merit. Once the case was dropped the young lady then turned to defaming Mr. Johnson’s name to the only website that would resort to reporting such frivolous lies, Mr. Johnson cares does not have herpes. He cares about his fans deeply and he thanks his supporters for not believing these allegations which are untrue."

Hell HAth No fury ...Like a groupie Scorned. So he knows her? LMAO
Man Whatever i dont know this whole thing is the worse!!! AND HOW DARE his public relations rep even say what they said about They didnt spread the rumor they didnt do anything the girl posted it in a thread they have no control over that!!
its sad too because he's cute, but the girl says that the only way she'll shut up is if he posts his clinic tests saying that he has no disease. "Oh Snap Son She Challenged You" [in my deepest NY accent]


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