Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Were You Wearing Again?

OLD NEWS!!! Yeah I Knowwwww BUT!!
I Came Across This Pic From The Knitting Factory On and i saw Kid Cudi


I Know Yall Are Like DUHHHHH WE SAW HIM TOO!!!
But did You See What he Had On His Feet


YEP YEP YEP Those are definitely the Air Yeezy's

1 comment:

E-Rich said...

They look wild, yo. At least that colorway. I may or may not partake in said "Air Yeezy's" depending on:

If I have the money

If I don't mind people saying "Yo got on Kanye's shoes". Then again, I'd say only 45 percent of Baltimoreans even know that Kanye has a shoe with Nike.