Thursday, October 30, 2008

6 Years Later : Jam Master Jay

6 Years later and the Jam Master Jay Murder case has still not been solved, MTV takes an in depth look into the people surrounding the case and other projects that are supposed to keep his legacy going. Heres an Interview from the Site, BUT if you go to it you'll see more of the information that MTV has.

Something interesting i saw on the site as i read what MTV wrote was about how NO ONE is going to standup and say anything. All of the people in that room say they didnt even see the killers face? UNBELIEVABLE.

The testimonies of Allen and other members of Jay's inner circle have not placated those who believe that Jay's close friends know the killer, and — in the interest of protecting that individual and, by extension, themselves — are reluctant to name names.

As another year passes with Jay's friends still at odds with one another and with investigators, the potential for a breakthrough in the case becomes less likely. "The more time goes by in a criminal case such as this, the harder it is to get a conviction," Brown said.

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