Monday, October 20, 2008

B.E.T. Awards WTF Happened?

Ok so i went around asking and reading all about the B.E.T. awards and what happened. Not really caring about the performances until the show airs on thursday, i wanted gossip.

The best B.E.T. Award recap in my eyes was defintely Necole Bitchie's .

I just wanted to tell my readers that....KAT WILLIAMS WILL NOT BE HOSTING THE B.E.T. AWARDS. INSTEAD T-PAIN WILL. WHY? Yeah i found my self asking that question in the same disgusted ass manor. Like, who wants to see T-Pain's clown ass host an awards ceremony, we want Kat William's funny ass. Well the people over at B.E.T made up a story about losing a bet to T-Pain. What was the bet all about? Well, according to Stephen Hill Of B.E.T. A Break Dance contest. Kat said, "T-Pain i bet i can beat you in a Break dance contest if i lose you get to host the B.E.T. Awards."
Ummmmm Riiighhttt Mr. Hill.

Other people say that the truth is that Kat Williams got pissed off with some of the directors or producers and got into a big argument and left or got fired one.

Honestly i dont believe it do you? Do you think the producers would really be like "Oh sure, you guys had a bet? O.K. Teddy Pen-her-ass-down, you and your vocoder can host the show"

*waits for an answer*

Didn't Think so.....

Well in light of the breakdancing Lie story heres a video that proves maybe breakdancing can get you kicked from something but i doubt its hosting the B.E.T. Awards:

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Da Hunni Toya said...

Gesh ur right nobody wanted to see! he better not have on some weird ass shit either and plz somebody tell him that AWARD shows arent the Circus