Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diddy Breaking News #1
Diddy Buys Enyce

Zack Posen's Dresses looks like colorful duct tape wrapped tightly around women's bodies, I know alot of you ladies like it but personally i guess maybe because i saw Tiny rocking it for T.I's birthday i dont like it, and nobody wears ENYCE anywmore so was that Risky or Smart?
And is it me or are his blogs getting boring now that they aren't political?

Whatever heres the video:


Da Hunni Toya said...

Lmao girl wat u still doing up???

mike belgrove said...

Seems like Diddy will talk to whomever will listen (including himself) about his purchase of Enyce. I'm not gona lie though. Very Smart move on his part. He will have Sean John at the higher price range and Enyce and the lower price range. That pretty much equals making money hand over fist.