Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Riding The Wave Of Freedom

OK so i was on XXL's website because i wanted to watch the old Freshmen 10 Freestyles and read that YOUR-WAVINESS Max B has Silver Surfed his way out of his contract on Byrdgang Records. Heres What he tells XXLmag.com
“I’m as free as a bird,” the rapper told XXLmag.com exclusively. “Now it gives me the ability to ride without no remorse, no sympathy, no pity. I’m riding on everything. I’m riding. I’ma ride on my rivalry for the season. It’s gonna be so wavy. So big, so heavy, so controversial. It’s gonna be like none other.

“I’m gonna speak about everything, Jim Jones,” Max continued. “I got more deep, down, dark secrets.”

The rapper said he was able to get out of his contract through legal negotiations. He explained he’s received paper work from the New York Secretary of State that prevents Jones from pursuing legal action against Max B. in the future. He’s recognized as Persona Suri Juris.

“I’m not even part of the U.S. Government laws,” Max B. said. “I’m not a citizen of the United States, I’m dead ass. My laws, the laws you go by, I don’t have to follow. As long as I don’t purposely hurt nobody, I’m straight.”

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