Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fashion Frenzy [OverLoad]

Even though its still friday here where i am its saturday where some of you may be.
So I've Decided To Give You A FASHION OVERLOAD I Think It'll Be two Post Of Just really Dope Stuff


And in the name of winter i went through my Aim list, stores, macy's and other venues to see what you guys were wearing this winter. Im a female so i dont know WHAT you guys like to wear so i asked like one of the freshest guys i know from brooklyn [my cousin juice] LOL , what he was wearing and he said These Moncler Jackets. Which One He Has I DONT KNOW but i know he spent money on it. [too much in my eyes.]

Moncler Ski Jackets


Moncler Himalaya Down Jacket


I Must say i like these jackets [minus the one with patches] they're actually sort of sophisitcated looking.

BUT Ladies you know i got you....Moncler Suprisingly had two of the most adorable jackets for women. I L O V E D them. I Probably wouldnt throw a thousand dollars down for them but hey some of you ladies are ballers. So here they are:
Moncler Gamme Rouge Collection Jackets.


For Us Who CARE that there is a recession you should take a look at Karmaloop who had this HOT! leather jacket

Super Bad Jacket - Obey


This jacket yells brooklyn girl!!!

But ME personally i will be going in between leathers and this pea coat that i spent wayyy too much money on [i didnt know a recession was on the way, neither did McCain]

Here's a Peacoat for a Good Cause. Mackage made this limited-edition coat to raise breast cancer awareness. 100 dollars from the sale of each coat goes to the breast cancer awareness Fund.

Mackage Hope Coat


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