Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lil Wayne Having A Son?

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So Lil' Wayne jumped his midget ass on stage and announced that he has a son on the way asking the crowd to "pray for me yall". How weird is that? Who is the baby's mother? Hell I Dont know even though some say it's Nivea who was ALLEGEDLY walking around with a noticeable baby belly, and again i EMPHASIZE ALLEGEDLY because i personally dont believe that, not that i care. Well Congrats To You Weezy F. Baby. May you teach him to kiss his daddy and NOT drink syrup in the future.

In Other Weezy news he's also supposed to be putting out his new "The Carter III" Album. Yeah well Part 2 of course, reloaded and packed with new songs. I wonder how many wayne buffers are going to help him get to A Millie this time?

Dont believe the baby announcement wayne just hit me with the sonogram. Yeah we go back a couple of years back in magnolia chilling doing that 'Nolia Clap. Well Here It Is:

lil wayne Pictures, Images and Photos


Da Hunni Toya said...

what huh he having a son...what in the hell?..

Supa_Starry said...

I remember Nolia clap lol and congrat 2 lil wayne if its tru