Sunday, October 26, 2008

Take Dat Take Dat

So, I have always seen pictures of babies but in a day where people goonline and herkoff to your entire myspace picture album i hardly post any pictures exposing MUCH of what i look like. I thought when i saw this, those babies are so cute, diddy makes great looking kids. Then i thought, where the hell is there diaper? No Pamper at ALL? WTF? Perverts are going to love this shit!!! Lol but thats just me.

Heres the picture of Diddy and his twins Delilah Star And Jesse James for L'uormo Vogue


The twin on the end doesnt look too happy about this.


Teems said...

lol she doenst look happy. Next shoot I am gonna want to see some clothes on those girls.

Da Hunni Toya said...

lol awww they so kute...need some clothes on though

E-Rich said...

I'll never understand why people think naked babies are cute. That shit is pedophile porn. Come on, P. Diddy, come on.

A.M. said...

omg they are too cute though. I love pretty littl babies. they look much like him too