Sunday, October 26, 2008

Everythings Real In The Field

So Basically Q formerly of SOD Money Gang Says he was held at Gun point and had to go get the money from Soulja Boy [though he claims he has money]. Soulja Boy Responds to it and also some stuff that DJ Southernbred Said Or Did. Im Still mad at Southernbred for putting the table dancer on something and sending it to WSHH. Im Mad.... BUT ANYWAY. This is basically exposing the concept that you cant trust everybody when your getting money and when your doing business you have to conduct yourself as a business man. Everyones saying its getting to Soulja Boys Head BUT, I see the next P-Diddy Of Bullshit Music in the making.

Q From SODMG Tells HIS SIDE of the story.

SOULJA BOY [tell em'] Tells HIS SIDE of the story.

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