Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Thank God I Have Another Day To Live"
--BFlyy [Game's sister]


SMH, I was reading Necole Bitchie's recap of the B.E.T awards and read that game didnt make it because somebody shot his sister. Which has been confirmed and found out to be true. According to her Myspace Page she wishes no harm on them, instead she hopes that God blesses her shooter, and she's happy she's still alive. Another thing, I think that when you visit her page you can kid of get a BETTER understanding of WHY game had a Butterfly Tatted on his face.

VIA her myspace Blog :

Never did i think when i woke up it could really be the end of my days...But i truly believe in God!!!He has granted me another day at life , another day to love, another day to breathe, another day to bounce back, and anotha day to praise him for life. I have really found the true meaning of life and that is to" live it to its fullest" every second of the day, not to take things for granted ....and to bless everything that i have. I had so much to complain about until this brush with death surfaced but now i know that everything in my life has its purpose and place.

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Da Hunni Toya said...

Dam thats wild krazy.

I didnt even know game even had a sister. She's pretty "no homo"

Wow how I not know he had a sister..Shame on me!!..LoL