Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aubrey's New Album?

Hmm Read Below When You Finish Watching This.

Dont ask me why i felt the need to know what this chick was doing. As you all know i always supported aubrey (since the beginning) and i was mad that she left and decided that Danity Kane would Never sell a Million again. Now AUBREY says she's dopping a new album.....Oh Really Aubarella?

She fails to mention which label though.....Out of curiosity does anybody out there know who the hell she went and got another recrod deal from? If the album drops under BADBOY im officially through with Diddy and his corny antics, reality TV REALity...dont be making shit up to heighten ratings (And possibly mess your srtists careeers up for good)

I sense MTB2 (with the rappers) re-ocurring soon.

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G-M0N3Y said...

For some reason, i dont like aubrey .. it somethin bout phonyness that i see written all over her ..
but i see a MTB2 remake as well .. (rapper edition) AKA (one-hit wonders edition) lol