Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Women's Group Says "Say NO to Beyonce At Inauguration"

LMAO so i heard Bey was on Power 105 and was told that FREE (yesss Free from 106 and park) and Ed lover asked her some questions that the people really want to know about (Like The transsexual Single Ladies Choreographer..You know..sh*t we care about) instead of the same old Jay-Z Beyonce Marriage questions. (Link At The Bottom) But anyway That's not what this Post is about. They asked her about performing at the inauguration on the 20th. As we all know Beyonce recently expressed that she would be more than Happy as well as honored to perform for Obama's Inauguration BUT ...A Group called WOMEN WITH DIGNITY has petitioned her.

That's so messed up even though i was laughing when i saw it. Well here's what they had to say about it:

It's very insulting that Beyonce came from under a rock to try to capitalize on this historic moment as part of her overblown recent publicity tour. MANY stars put their fame on the line and supported President-Elect Obama early on. Oprah, Scarlett, Adam Rodriguez, Jennifer Hudson and many many others stepped out there and pledged their support publicly and financially.

Her hypersexual image and aid to the negative images of women is in itself enough to exclude her. We don't want young girls OR boys to see this behavior validated at the most public display of the world moving in a positive direction.

Sign the petition and we'll make sure there is dignity at the Inauguration and beyond.

Petition to be delivered to the Inaugural Planning Committee:


Video even her fans petitioned to have removed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGJlLQG-mWQ

Shocking photo - http://www.bossip.com/wp-content/uploads/beyonce19.jpg

We would welcome supporting Ms. Knowles and her career if she would aggressively work to improve her image and send positive messages and images to our children.


I personally think Bey EXUDES positivity. But *Shrugs* whatever. WELL here's The Interview Bey did with Free and Ed Lover This Morning

I wanna know why they didn't talk about the damn rumors about Jay-Z's Lovechild with Free....now THAT'S an interview. They better not allow me on the air on a radio station like Hot 97 or Power 105.


alababa said...

people are really trippen these days... they get all sensitive to shit that don't even matter! I think if a artist wants to do part of the community and for our president they should!!!! But as we all know, that there are people who always got to rebuttle and get alittle touchy touchy... i say YES!

Jervis said...

Wow, You can't do nothing nowadays without an old head wanting you to do things THEIR WAY

Super Woman said...

personally, i dont want to see Beyonce perform another rendition of anything else for a while. Im bored with her and happy her album dropped hopefully this hype can die down and people can shut up.

BUT i wouldnt sign no petition based off of those weak ass arguments. They sound like bitter upset bitties, beyonce is a positive person to females (In My Eyes) but .....i dont wanna see her at the inauguration ....

Teems said...

yea I'm in the middle. I dont care. But I am ROTFL @ the picture you choose. Butt cheeks showing through the front and all....

E-Rich said...

teehee, you can see the bottom of her butt. This reminds me of the time Nelly was going to have a bone marrow drive at this college and these girls boycotted him for swiping the credit card down the girl booty in Tip Drill. I'm like, "Wait, so you'd rather a bunch of kids not get bone marrow because he treated some chicks ass like a credit card reader?" That shit was stupid.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I'm so angry at this!!! lol watch if someone ever digs into the people proposing this petitions past they are gonna find stripper poles and sex tapes! lol I think beyonce is sexy and classy! I hate if your a female its like you can only be a saint or a whore! ugh I gotta go listen to her new album and calm down lol