Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beyonce Hate Starts In 5,4,3,2,......

SO i know the beyonce hate was going to start AS SOON AS I POSTED THE PICS in the last post. So i guess a hater who reads a fellow Beyonce hater's blog (Sandra Rose) went over there and saw a video on there, which shows the bicycle shirt thing-a-majig and i guess the infamous "Glove" That Bey has been wearing. I have one question for that website and The Beyonce Haters who read the blog ....YOU MAD?

Anyway the only reason im posting this video (Too Funky - George Micheals) is because its FIERCE and so is BEY, and plus Tyra Banks is in it:

Bicycle hotness can be seen at 1:15
Glove hotness can be seen at 2:12

Its called inspiration, im just happy she isnt stealing songs from unknowing artists anymore.

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