Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beyonce's Album Has Leaked

Im not feeling it. This is coming from a Beyonce Fan (difference between fan and stan). Im personally not feeling it. I see other blogs post some of her better songs on their blogs but what about songs like diappear and Ave Marie? I dont work for Beyonce or her people so im going to keep it real with you guys.....

I Am............Not impressed.

In My Head im like i see why they tried to get her to postpone putting this out. Im no hater, i say if you like a mixture of Celine Dion mixed with Lil' Mo (during her "superwoman" days before "forever") then buy the album. I know her sales are going to do just fine no matter what i say. Its just my opinion

Well here's "Disappear" From I Am... (somebody) i dont know which person she is here, and Ave Marie (which isn't a TOO bad song, its ok but not hot).


Ave Marie

Other songs like "Broken Hearted Girl" which is another O.K. song and her more up tempo songs which are GREAT like Single Ladies (which i happen to really like) and also Diva (which has grown on me) as well as another one of her more famous songs like "If I Were A Boy" make the album possibly worth buying....maybe.


Alby [a Diva in Sweats] said...

I have to agree. I not an avid Beyonce fan, but in the past I've grown quite fond of her music. It's like she just recycled a lot of her all stuff - threw em in a bag and pulled out some frankenstein-esque concoction that she calls "sasha fierce". *SMDH*

This album is, like you put, OK. Songs like "Diva" "Video Phone" "Single Ladies" "If I were A Boy" and even "Ave Maria" are its only saving grace. "Halo" is acceptable. But then you hear the lyrics to half of those listed and (at least I) go "WTF?!"

For "OK" quality she might as well reire while she still has a decent rep.

But that's just me =)


I was a bit disappointed when I heard the's not as good as I expected. Honestly, I think Solange's album is better. "Diva" has grown on me too and I like the beat of "Video Phone". "If I Were A Boy" is my favorite. I'm glad I downloaded it becuz if I wouldn't have wanted to spend my money on this album.

Super Woman said...

@alby I AGREE maybe its time for her to bow out or take a LONG break or something....Because she cant keep being called the queen and putting out half assed albums

~Sirius~ said...

FAn in the house, I totally agree with you, she could have done waaaay better, for starters I don't even like the name of the album!
HALO is my favorite for now.....

A.M. said...

hmm..well I have to disagree lol
Beyonce is universal. Therefore, she can not only reach out to her R&B fans. You're right when you said if you like celine deon so forth. The album has a diff feel to it.

I particularly like I am...Sasha better :) of all the songs, I think I may not be feeling one of them.

I am beyonce...I like it as well. Ave Maria is one of my favorites, really shows her talents. Broken hearted girl...luvs it.

So I guess it all depends on who you are and what you like. I listen to everything, celine in one of my top five favorite singers so I can appreciate what Beyonce is doing.

Halo is my least fav. I have to say I disagree with you all. No she doesn't need to save herself and retire because if a few don't respect or understand what she's doing, trust her millions of fans around the world surly will. :)

Can't wait to pick up the albu, :)

P.S. this kinda reminds me of B-day EVERYONE was critical of that too...and ended up loving it in the end.

Super Woman said...

@A.M. I respect your opinion and we'll have to agree to disagree.

THANK YOU for not coming on here cursing me out like some wild lunatic beyonce stan.

But again this is all my opinion. And like i said the album isn't (OMG IT'S HORRIBLE) bad. Its just not HOT. And .....

WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT??? I knew B-Day was gonna do just fine, I never doubted that album once.

And your right celine dion is the bomb..but a hood celine dion is NOT (in my opinion)

Well Ciao Ladies THANK YOU ALL or your comments