Sunday, November 9, 2008

Myspace Blogs Strike Again

A Guy named Superstar James who is supposed to be Jennifer Hudson's good friend decided to write a myspace blog after MTV reported that Beyonce had showed up at the hudson family's memorial service. James was tired of hearing this and said that Beyonce had NOT showed up on his myspace blog:
How evil can someone be?
So i wasn’t going to write about this but it is really really bugging me. Especially when people are calling my phone saying how nice it was of Beyonce to come to the funeral and show her support. And i have to sit back and hold everything i wanna say inside. But i cant do it no more. Beyonce did not come to the funeral nor did she call, text, send a card or hell send a damn email. If there are millions of people who are leaving Jennifer and Julia and myself messages and sending there prayers and condolences and these people don’t even know them why couldn’t she? Every singer that Jennifer admires and had been a role model for her growing up even until now has called, from Aretha to Shirley Murdock to even present day singers like Chrisette Michelle. And yall know how much Jennifer loves Beyonce and she couldn’t even have her assistant call or nothing. But yet her camp is allowing her to receive credit for coming to the funeral and being there for Jennifer and her family. Bullshit! This just pisses me off. Once again thanks to everyone who has be there for us. And sorry if i offended any of Beyonce fans by writing this but if i just couldn’t keep sitting back and reading articles and emails and having my phone ring about how nice it was of Beyonce to come out!

People have been trying to put these two against each other every since the "Dream Girls" movie and the awards that Jennifer Hudson got but Beyonce' didnt. Hmm in my head im saying this (To all of the people who are ready to call Beyonce all kinds of names and say how horrible she is of a person) "Is Beyonce Obligated To Do So?" I know it seems messed up to say something like this, but in all reality Beyonce is not obligated to show up at anyones memorial service. Its kind of messed up that she didnt send a card or even a text message or something, but this goes to show that everything isn't rainbows and smiles in Hollywood. I look up to Assatta Shakur but i dont expect her to show up at my funeral.
He could also be making it seem like its alot more than it is. Jennifer Hudson Just lost half of her support system (family). I doubt she cares who showed up and who didnt.


E-Rich said...

I was about to say, how this nigga gonna be mad at Beyonce? It's not like Beyonce knew her family and shit. Sure, she could've said something, but she didn't have to.

A.M. said...

people need to get lives...B is my girl and Imma stick by her. For one, i don't care what this dude says, THERR IS NOOOO WAY in hell,she didn't at least call jenn to say sorry or sent her something. It's imposs. If she didn't that would just make her a heartless bitch...and i don't see her as that kind of person.
Homebody just wants attention in my opinion

Super Woman said...

@A.M. in my opinion too
but even if Bey didnt send a sorry or a phone call....why the hell should she have to
She's not obligated to do shit for jennifer hudson. We dont know if they were even really great friends after dream girls ....