Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Hip Hop, Please Come Back

I was going through blogsites today like i do everyday (The personal blogs are way more interesting then the gossip ones, though i do write this gossip site, i think i find myself not caring anymore and getting used to the stuff that these industry people do.) and i found this on lady blogger Tiana Monique's Blog and wanted to share, because its my blog and i can do that......

We are growing tired of you. We love women for more than you have ever seen in them. We love hi-hop for more than you have ever used it for. We love ourselves, not for our possesions, but for the spirt that possesses us. We honor your existence. We honor your freedom. But a freedom that costs, obviously, is not free. Watch what you say. Watch what you value. Planes crash. Bank vaults are airtight, you will suffocate in them. Cars crash. Word life. Word death. Your hit songs hit and run. We are wounded but not dead. And we are coming to reclaim what is ours. The main stream: the ocean. The current. Our time is now. Word is bond.

This is from poet/writer Saul Williams

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Anonymous said...

that is DEEP! Deeper than the bones under my skin! yeah hip hop has took itself to a whole `nother level. I miss the way Hip Hop actually CARED, talkin about struggles, life, love, and music for the soul!