Friday, November 28, 2008

I was gone for a minute but im back wit the Jumpoff!!!

Nah not Joe Buddens The Jump Off!! LOL (I Wish)
But i know i've slacked but i have good reason to! I've been doing stuff with my life LOL and im trying to be a REAL writer with REAL published work. My blogs dont count Just because i click the "Publish Post" button lmao. No worry No worry; I'll be back soon with juicyness and crazyness and making smart remarks and slick comments about everybody !!!

JUST WAIT until this business im taking care of is taken care of. It'll be like i never even left (I wont say fell off....Super Woman just doesn't fall off.)

OK The Thanksgiving Day Leftovers are calling me!!

P.S. I invited MAD GUEST so they can eat most of this shit because i WONT be eating this all week. LOL

Lata Guys and Girls....OH YEAH!! Theres alot of blogs I'll be co-signing soon!!


LEO said...


Felisha "PoeticFlirt" Bien-Aime said...

Hey u look familiar too and i know bizze as well and i know his baby mother too we went to high school together....and I'm guessin u know the baby too?

Jervis said...

do u thing, I see you back on the block, the hood was FEENIN

alababa said...

come back to me! haha jk do your thang mamas! you know i'll be on your blog to check up on ya