Monday, December 1, 2008

New Stuff!!

Um, OK!

So i bought alot of stuff (c.d's) over the week since i had time off and nothing better to do than buy albums which i was skeptical about.

Kanye West - I dont like it and im ready to give it away. Anybody wants an album i listened to once?

Beyonce - was not as bad as i originally thought it would be. I actually like a song thats not on the regular album but can be found on the deluxe album "Ego" and i also like "Radio". Halo is cool and im still trying to figure out what Ave Maria is about because that song got interesting once someone told me it was actually a christmas song. The story of Mary? I dont know but i know me and google have alot of work to get done tonight so maybe i'll google that as well.

Im deleting my facebook, well maybe.

Were you wondering where papoose was? yeah me too!

here's a video of him at Best Of Both Offices with Young C.

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Jervis said...

yo SUPERW0MAN,these niggas went in!!!!!!!!!!!