Monday, November 10, 2008

Kanye West Needs His Ass Whipped.

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I Think Maybe he Was drunk, but Kanye West shared a dressing room with the Ting Tings (shut up and let me go) for the European Music Awards, and they were greeted by him pissing all over the carpets and shit.

Kanye was in the city to collect the Ultimate Urban gong at the MTV bash.

The evening before, he showed up for a star-studded party in the city’s Carling Academy.

But he stunned fellow artists by not bothering to find a toilet backstage, choosing to relieve himself on the floor of a dressing room shared with the TING TINGS.

Speaking at the MTV Awards, drummer JULES DE MARTINO said: “We ask for a lot of unusual things on our backstage rider but that ain’t one of them!”


This guy is getting weirder and more retarded by the performance.

Exhibit A...

Kanye west Pictures, Images and Photos


dom corleone said...

LMAO that is reckless and mad disrespectful.. He HAD to be drunk, that's some straight asshole shit if he wasn't.. *SMH*

copperdadon said...

been a slave my whole life now im the master na na how it feel to wake up to be the shit and the urine lmao

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

say it aint so...i love kw but this has homeboy losing some major point=(