Monday, November 3, 2008

Larry Johnson Gets What He Deserves

Larry Johnson who recently Assaulted a Young Woman, Spitting his drink in her face and has also been said to beat on women and pass out STD's has recently been suspended for game 10 of the Chiefs season because he violated the leagues personal conduct policy. He has been known to be violent and disrespectful to women and the league is getting tired of him and his "incidents" in clubs. A couple of months ago he pushed a girl with an open hand to her face in the club (slapped) and more recently spit his drink in a young lady's face in a kansas city club called club Blonde. The NFL people have also said that depending on the outcome of the two pending cases for assault on two women he may also recieve more disciplinary action. He said this about himself:
"This is the first time in my life I actually had to stand up, I mean actually woke up and kind of be disgusted with myself and disgusted as far as the way my life and my career is heading right now. In times of darkness, you've got to look for the light and that's what I plan on doing, regardless of what suspensions and fines are being handed down. I will take them as sincerely as they give them out." SOURCE

As you should, and they should make him take anger management or something because this is getting out of hand.
I ALSO HEARD his agent dropped his ass like a bad habit, his agent said this:
"I did, indeed, decide to resign as Larry agent's this past Monday," Keels said in a statement. "I don't want to get into the specifics of why. But I think it's in the best interest for me and Larry to go our separate ways. I am fully confident Larry will rise above all of the adversity and get his career back on the track. I wish him the best in all of his career endeavors." SOURCE

I know the groupies on Baller Alert are laughing at his ass, and their laughing HARD!! LMAO! In my best D'Angelo Impersonation i want to ask "How Does It Feeeel".

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