Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let The New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy Theories Begin

Ummm OK. I Dont know why I entertain the stuff that i entertain. Here she explains why she thinks BARACK OBAMA (with a B not an s) is the antichrist. She calls black people stupid, and basically displays more ignorance than anybody else i know.

Umm OK How can the anti-christ be BOTH the scapegoat and the do-er of all things evil?
Muslim? So Muslim's Are Evil now?
Im a great speaker and alot of people love me as well... OMG...IM THE ANTICHRIST!!!

I CAN WAIT to see what them dudes on the corner (black Israelites) have to say about Obama, i think that will be alot more ignorant and possibly funnier than her.


dom corleone said...


ignorance at its finest :-/

Teems said...

Ummm... NEXT! lol