Thursday, November 6, 2008

M.I.A. / Tom Waits (Down In The Hole - Cover)

Tom Waits and M.I.A. do a cover to the down in the whole theme song from the wire. OMG i miss the wire. Sadly i also didnt get to watch the entire last season so if you see it on DVD anywhere let me know!!!

Spotted this on Info's Blog


Anonymous said...

I miss The Wire too! which version of the opening theme did u like best? Season 4 was my favorite, i even had it on my myspace pg lol. I wanna get them all on dvd as a set but thats gonna run for $100 and up...its worth it tho

E-Rich said...

Who the hell is Tom Waits? Whatever. This only gets my support because Blaqstarr is from Baltimore and I like the beat, but other than that this song is completely ass. I mean, people genuinely like M.I.A.s voice? Really?