Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mickey Factz Road To Achievement 6 (Ummm Cory Gunz)

Forget the fact that this is Mickey Factz Series, CORY GUNZ is THAT DUDE. Like i said and i still say and have said since when i first heard about the Top Ten Freshmen HE IS MY FAVORITE out of all of them.

These dudes (Cory Gunz, Charles Hamilton, And Mickey Factz) are about to take OVER the world.

Mickcey Factzzzz Ahh man do yall hear all the references to art artists Micheangelo, Ahhhh mannnn forget it if you dont get it i feel sorry for you...


Anonymous said...

i dont really feel charles hamilton should be here.

dont really like him.

mickey factz went crazzy.
cory gunz always goes in.

E-Rich said...

Charles Hamilton actually went off the top of the dome, so I respect him for that. Mickey Factz whole joint was crazy.

"Got Warhols next to paintings of Biggie/ Baby babay! I had to outbid Diddy"