Thursday, November 13, 2008


Clearly i would like to ask where the hell is her drawz at?

Adrienne who is a former member of the used-to-be group 3LW has recently bared her ass in some pictures on the internet.

I Say Publicity, because as we all know Naturi just covered KING magazine and is recently about to premier in Biggie Smalls' Life story so just like they did Naturi back in the days they wanna put more attention on Adrienne EVIL ADRIENNE EVILL!! Lol Im Just Kidding - (Or am I) - anyway

Reports say that she's so distraught and upset so she is going to sue the shit out of anyone who posts these pictures. Me....well i dont give a fuck sue me, maybe you can sue me for my tuition Bill that should be arriving soon, pay it off i dont care *Shrugs Shoulders* but i wouldnt put the pics with her assed out anyway (because im a female), Kardashian's and Naked Pictures ...WTF is up with them. And DISNEY CHICK SCANDALS ARE GETTING OLD. Especially when its her, i mean she's grown, Miley Cyrus on the other hand and Vanessa Hudgens were kids (i think) THATS a scandal.

P.S. Disney, please put a leash on your youngin's

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