Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin And Her Turkey Murdering Friends

OMG!! PETA is not going to like this one. OK i paid NO ATTENTION to her, because i was looking at the evil man in the back wringing the Turkeys NECK!!! Them damn alaskans, if its not Moose's And Polar Bears they're murdering ...its Turkeys ON CAMERA!!


E-Rich said...

Yo, he was killing the shit out of that turkey. That was awesome. This would be the equivalent of Obama having an interview while a black guy was in the background chopping a watermelon.

Miss.Fortune said...

she just keep digging herself deeper and deeper lol

[$ H A R O N A] said...


i saw this earlier in the day. i was like she is so damn stupid. she needs a tv show.

lmao @ e-rich

A S H L A Y said...

ugh! 1st off why was dude just staring at the cam? like "oh yeah im bout to merk homie while yall watchin hehehehehehe" lol i have a sensitive appetite so while watchin this i didnt even want turkey on thanksgiving anymore lol... then sarah talkin bout "i always take care of the turkey so i guess i picked the perfect place to be" ugh! i wonder if the turkey that was on the choppin block was special order for sarah to take home by the end of the news segment. UGH!