Saturday, November 22, 2008


Sorry you guys for not throwing something at yall, because i've been basically running around with the roommate...well whatever

Because KANYE WEST has his album coming out i wanted to throw a Kanye Throwback Up today. As i said when artists come out with a new album I'll throw one of their older videos up. I think this was my favorite Kanye West video and probably one of my favorite songs (seriously)


Jervis said...

I say fuck the police that's how I treat em, we buy our way outta jail but we can't buy freedom,we'll buy alot of clothes but we dont really need em

Teems said...

Yes this song is the shiznick!

dom corleone said...

One of my favorite videos EVER..

Mmm Stacy Dash is so on-point it's not even fair, hot dam!

Kanyeezy tears this track uppp!