Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biggie: To Know Him Is To Love Him. (1997)

As i told you i would be throwing up Biggie Smalls Songs, interviews and just all things Biggie.
This is one of Biggies Last Interviews In '97 before he left us. He talks about his last album "Life After Death" and he explains the whole concept of the names for his previous album (Ready To Die) Which i was happy to see because everybody just automatically says these guys predicted their deaths when that was clearly false, it was something they were going through while they were alive which is WAY more powerful and meaningful then them predicting their deaths.

Part 1

Part 2

He speaks on Junior MAFIA, Lil Kim, And His relationship with Faith (awww).

This made me realize all of the things that Biggie could have been and done. Imagine if he would have stayed around a year longer we would have had Biggie Clothes and Biggie Clubs Imagine walking into one of His Boutiques today?

BIGGIE Speaking On LIL KIM - "She hungry, She Writes"
There you Go Kim haters.

I know everyone remembers the infamous 1995 source awards where the East Coast/West Coast beef escalated when Suge Knight got on stage and started a whole bunch of mess. I dont want to Highlight that, instead lets look at Biggie's Performance Which had me hype, especially because I LOVED ME SOME LIL' KIM!!! OMG KIM had me reminiscing for a second.



Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Biggie Smalls is STILL the illest :)

I gotta peep these later bc I'm still @ work, I'll be back!

Super Woman said...

lol DOM your going to get fired one of these days.

Andrina said...

I'ma full blooded californian,
But IVE always loved b.i.g. [& kim]