Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FINALLY! Walsh Murderer Finally I.D'd

I remember when my grandmother used to turn to this television show called "America's Most Wanted" and i would watch it and only hope that i could snitch on some kid killer back in the 90's. I didn't care how un-cool snitching was i wanted to turn somebody from America's Most Wanted in. I remember when my grandma said that the guy (John Walsh) who hosted the show had started the show because his son was murdered. The Boy's head was found but not his body, and the case was never solved until now.

Im happy he finally got some kind of closure.


JuJu said...

omg. that gave me chills! i never knew that and i have a 6yr old son.. that's so sad! so who did it???? they never said!

supreme. said...

wow, that's crazy.

I am Jwork said...

Shit scares me also