Friday, December 19, 2008

Fabolous Sits down with DJ Semtex

Fab breaks down a number of stuff. I think i agree with how he feels about the movie trailer because trailers are misleading. I think that because Biggie's Mother was there EVERYDAY while they were shooting, it's going to be an amazing video.

Brooklyn We Go Hard - YES! Semtex is wild for that, I think Fab, Red Cafe, Hov, And Uncle Murda would be a hot Brooklyn go hard remix. Ummm Jay, Think about it. Swagga Like us was crazy but Brooklyn go hard would be straight bananas.

Fab's 09' Heavy Hitters - Cory Is DEFINITELY going to be a problem. I think that i agree with Fab's choices. Alot of people (Including myself) have been sleeping on him in the beginning, but i definitely think Hamilton will do his thing this year.

Watch the video and see what he has to say about 808's and heartbreaks and everything else. I LOVE FAB and he's another one of my favorite underrated rappers (Like Joe Budden) Cant wait to hear Loso's Way.


Anonymous said...

what reason did u have to say joe budden?


Anonymous said...

lol i love ya shen diddy lol

Jervis said...

o hell yeh,fab been underated since his second album,this was the first artist in which i copped ALL his albums, MY NIGGA FAB. I aint gonna lie,when it comes to the nigga swag,and the clothes he rocked, I used to COPY him to a T, when I was in HS.

E-Rich said...

I think up until some people heard the Pink Lavalamp, I was the only one listening to Charles Hamilton heavy. That Soulja Boy shit was a setback, but I got Chuck doing big things. I refuse to call that nigga Sonic because he is not Sonic the Hedgehog.