Friday, December 19, 2008

Obsessed & Madea goes To Jail (Trailers)

*sigh* I hope Beyonce did a good job in this movie. I dont really like her acting skills (Cadillac Records) but the movie looks good and so does my make believe boo Idris Elba. OMG HE SO FINE!!! I'd go just to see him, plus I heard Bey gets gangsta and has to actually fight the girl in a less choreographed manner. She's been bragging about this since forever so i'll definitely go see it.

ALI CARTER! Thats like my favorite crazy and deranged white girl. Is it me or does she play the psycho in alot of movies? Love it!

In Other Movie news

Tyler Perry decided that he would cross dress once more for his latest Madea installment. I guess us black people cant get enough of his movies and his ideas dont stop. Well here's the trailer for it:

If you ask me it doesnt look anything like the play which i enjoyed. The play was hilarious, the movie, i might just go see. My favorite part from the play is when she speaks about the tree, the roots, the branch and seasonal people. I sure hope Tyler Perry left that part in.


Jervis said...

2 good flicks to see,good post

Teems said...

Well alllll righty then! I might just go and see that beyonce movie.

Dani B. said...

Hmm,"Obesessed" looks interesting,it kind of reminds me of "Perfect Stranger" for some reason

Yeah, the movie probably won't have a lot of what was in the screenplay. It still looks good though

The DIVA said...

Yes! I have to see both of these flicks