Monday, December 8, 2008

Freeway - Hustlers Prayer

"get some neck from Nicki Minaj, that b*tch is fine/ weezy weez You gotta put me on ya mistress/ so that she can put a hickey onnn this d*ck/she undress me then she suck me off so quick!"

Lmaoo i wonder how Nicki Feels about this? I think northerners are trying to bring rap back home. New York, philly, Jersey its about time....
Anyway this video is from Freeways month of madness.


E-Rich said...

If Nikki Minaj didn't pose with her legs open and her snatch print standing out like a black guy in Japan while licking a big ass lollipop, then niggas wouldn't talk about her like that.

Super Woman said...

you see.... i wanted to say that as well

she's getting the attention she wanted but had i said that .... I'd be a hater