Tuesday, December 9, 2008

President Bush's Neighborhood Had A Rule; WHITES ONLY!

President Bush has to move him and his family out of the white house and he recently purchased a new home. The new neighborhood he lives in has a rule that is as racist as a Minstrel show in south Carolina back in 1940. The New neighborhood had but one rule which read:
"Said property shall be used and occupied by white persons only except these covenants shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of a different race or nationality …”

So Basically only white people could buy the house and their black maids and stuff could work there. President Bush just can't win, and for some reason the Kanye West Quote "President Bush DOES NOT CARE about black people" Comes to mind lol. I dont want to call the man a racist or anything because he didnt write the ordinance he just bought the house but guess what???? THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME THIS CLAUSE POPPED UP ON ONE OF HIS DEEDS!! NY Daily News also says:
But it’s not the first time this sort of language has popped up on a Bush property deed.
The same restrictive clause appeared on a house he purchased in Texas in 1988 and then sold in 1995. The clause – called a racial covenant – was first reported by Matt Drudge in 1999 when Bush was serving as Texas governor.

Hmm, maybe he just doesnt want to live around black people.Of course real estate agents were quick to defend him and probably themselves as well, but i would still like to know how many black people actually live there. To read the document for his new neighborhood just click HERE

...Speaking of stuff that can make black people hate you, have any of you guys heard the Kevin Federline track where he talks about Obama winning the election and black people drinking grape soda, taking over the white house, and eating collard greens and stuff at the white house? Yep!! Kevin Federline; Brittany Spears' ex pimp.

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E-Rich said...

Look, I'm not even going to pay attention to Kevin Federline because that's what he wants. Bush, I don't give a shit about him either. Our president is (half)black, so I could give a shit less what kind of neighborhood he lives in. I am, however, surprised that they still allow rules like that.