Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Think I Hate Young Berg

This fool... Wait Wait, first off i hate to open my E-Mail up to stupidity and ignorance. Now ....This fool is supposed to be looking for love VIA a "Reality Show". Guess who he wants front and center? If you said light skin girls your wrong, he wants some dark butts to come on through. Most likely the darkest chick on the show will probably win. WHY? Because obviously his dumb ass PR people are trying to clear the air about those statements he made about how much he dislikes his own mother dark skinned girls a while back.

What they don't know is that I'm filing this under shit we wont ever let entertainers forget for as long as they live.

I really think i hate him. He gets robbed and slapped and everything. I just think i want to fight him. He disses dark skinned women and ughhh lets girls feel on his balls at concerts. I would put links to these stories but just click on his name in the labels section because i don't think i can even relive those events by going back to these posts.


Seedasneakers said...

I think he is so wack also

Jervis said...

word we both should fight this crab ass nigga