Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Speaking Of ROC's

Please Ignore Diddy All In The Camera

Beyonce would like the world to know about her roc as well.

I like this song because its so sincere. I would probably like it more if i had a significant other and we were on that level where you think your in love.

Speaking Of Beyonce. I didnt exactly buy the album but i took one from a family member (LMAO) and i listened to it. The whole "Beyonce" Album should have been titled "Im Married" Or "This is for my husband Hova" or something. All Love Songs, Sasha Fierce was more charismatic and my cousin says "I dont even play that other CD (beyonce's side)"

I Like Both
I would have a download link but Sony and them are on the prowl making sure we dont put this song out. I guess their still mad this person's name here Leaked The Album.

I guess im on my R&B stuff today. Maybe not. Let me see what Plies is doing since Vibe said He's The Future Of Rap

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