Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jim Jones And His Suspicious Sayings (Complex Interview)

I don't know it just seems like Jim Jones has been saying alot of stuff that deserves a "No Homo" or "Pause" at the end of the sentence or statement but he's not saying either one. Whatever suspicious and overtly weird actions such as throwing Champagne on Men (Pop Champagne Video) and rhyming to Jigga Man's entire "Swagga Like Us" verse or doing OFF BROADWAY plays, this man will NEVER ever be forgotten and will probably be doing alot of other craziness in the future....Remember back when i did the other post on Jim Jones' Complex Interview Well Here's Some Outtakes that didn't make the Internet the first time around:

Complex: This year, it seems like Dame has been really focused on trying to make you a star. Some people have compared his drive to the way he pushed Jay-Z at the beginning. How do you respond to that?

Jim Jones: Shit, that’s a great comparison. If you look at it, Dame did alright for Jay-Z. That old nigga has cake, he’s paid. So how bad can that be? Dame made history, he started Roc-A-Fella records, and I’ve seen it. I watched the first Roc-A-Fella fitted he had on his head that he made from a 3rd Avenue store when it was just stitched on and shit. He’s a historical person, he’s done it and he’s done it well. He not only did it with Jay, but he did it with Kanye; he set a precedent for niggas that want to become something in this game, who come from the street and want to make a lot of money. Dame is a beast—when I was younger, I always admired his hustle. I can do more. I don’t need to use rap as a crutch for the rest of my life. I can rap and I can do the business, I can model and do the business, I can own a production team. It’s a big difference over here, [Jay-Z] can’t do that. He’s not that savvy, not that fly, I don’t think he’s that handsome. All he has is a gorgeous flow—my momma raised a gorgeous child.

Yeah man ....Hova's not as handsome OR as savvy as Jim Jones is .... =/ Nope.

Another very interesting Outtake that i wanted to share with you guys is this one because this is what I've been talking to alot of people about lately, one person in particular my homeboy C. Jervis. What Jim Jones says here is probably the most sensible thing he's said in the whole complex interview:

Complex: You said that at one point, Jay-Z was your favorite rapper and then he went out “like a dud.” When did your perception of him change?

Jim Jones: When he went from being a boss to an employee and he had no reason for doing that. I took a job with Kevin Liles and them because I had all the reason in the world to do that—I’m a hustler and I wanted to learn the whole game from the inside out. At that point, when Jay went corporate, he already knew the whole game. Roc-A-Fella was on a roll that nobody could probably stop, ever. So when you downshift and you go from wanting to run your own ship to being on a crew on somebody else’s ship, I don’t care how big the ship is, it’s not the same. You lose the power. You lose the equity, and to me it’s like you just sold your soul. You fell into the loop. And you supposed to come from the street—we’re supposed to always set our own precedent and do it the way we wanna do it.

READ MORE OUTTAKES AT COMPLEX's BLOG. Comple asks him about if he ever ran into Beyonce' and "THE ONE" (Congrats Jim) and how long she's been with her.


copperdadon said...

jim is wack

Jervis said...

yeh,I definitely see what your talking about and your right. I love how you stay on point with your shit, you know the ins and outs, and you better use it in the future,your gonna be great.