Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kid Kudi - Day N Nite Video (Crookers Mix)

I dont understand why you cant say my name right?

I hate telling people my entire name so i just make something up alot of the time or tell them a shorter version.

Anyway why the hell is the dance moves so off beat?


Kait said...

thankss love.

lol whyy IS he so off beat ??

CODE said...


LOl, No hate

but 4real Idk wht Yeezy is thinkin


[$ H A R O N A] said...

i didnt get to see it.

:( video isnt available anymore.


E-Rich said...

I thought Kid Cudi was wack, too, but that's because everyone kept calling him a rapper. This nigga rarely raps, so I just put him in the same genre as Kenna and Santogold.

The reason the dance moves are off beat is because hipsters don't dance on beat. They try as hard as they can to stay away from the rhythm.