Saturday, December 27, 2008

Joe Budden Tv: Ransom Got Beat Up

"Dont talk about My man's Couch No More"

I cant wait until they get to the music. I wanna hear some good diss tracks but i just hope it doesnt go to the streets, This was the message on his You Tube:

You can talk about joe budden all day..... take it outside of that, u take it outside of rap.... better be built ford tough...

ransome talk stupid again an i'm leakin footage, i swear, like all 4 one

And Joe Wishes His Shorty went in half on the mortgage, NOT the rent. LOL


Jervis said...

man,im anticipating the next move like my ass is playin chess

Anonymous said...

nigga called him a mental midget muthafucka lmao