Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Really?

Shawty Lo decided to give back to the kids in Atlanta by holding a Toy drive. There wasn't any gifts for younger kids while older kids got stuff like bikes and such. One mother who had really young kids got mad and started spazzin.

1 - You got a problem then walk out and NONE of your kids get shit

2 - How you complaining about free shit

3 - Its a charity, nothing was promised to you

4 - Your kids are embarassed shut up.

5 - That lady shoulda clothes lined her.


Teems said...


People think they are owed something from famous people. I bet you she never even bought his album. She should be thankful he was giving anything. He didnt have to. Come on.... Beggers cant be choosers and appeartly you cant win for losing.

Jervis said...

shit is SOOOOOOOOO Fuckin sad yo,with a face of EXTREME seriousness. We gotta stop man. cmon, smh, i dunno what to say. This tryphlin ass, broke, too content, not wanting to work hard to get her own shit mama. I mean, everybody struggling. I like the effort she made to try and get her kids gifts but damn, is this desperation or ignorance??. how dependable is this woman. thank god that lady was there to put her in check

She W0rd Hustlez said...

I'm mad about it, and I want to fight the lady. The end.

JuJu said...

wtf?; some folks are so damn greedy i swear!

ill;kinda said...

lol damn, she was wilin' out .

ill;kinda said...

like... why didn't she buy her kids freakin toys they could play with? While she was sitting there waisting her time at the event, she should have had her ass at work making some $$$