Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Soulja Boy Tell em Vs. Charles Hamilton

LMAO!!! Really? Soulja Boy Vs. Charles Hamilton? This is probably going to be the funniest thing EVER. Possibly Maybe even more funnier than Soulja Boy Vs. Ice T.

Does Soulja Boy Really Want It?


Velle Of CPC said...

soulja boy is a fool but he's been right in both situations with him and ice t and this situation

everyone has there own style u cant blame a young 18yr old country nigga that came from nowhere on the reason why niggas cant go mainstream.

if anything niggas should say he was broke now hes able to buy his moms a home.

if people rather buy shit that makes them feel good as opposed to some shit that makes you think then you should shake ya head at the people and not soulja boy

copperdadon said...

fuck hamilton and that pink shit soulja that nigga tell hamilton go back to the drawing board like soulja said fuck with mario or something and leave the hedge hog alone lmao soulja said it best im my own cartoon character niggas get me sick son really make good music he makes what ppl want to hear todays world every one is on the go its a fast past world and no one has time to figure out what the fuck you trying to say in your rhythms ppl really just want to dance and listen but not listen listen they want something simple to hear thats it thats why new york rappers are dead no body give a fuck bout your story niggas just wont fun feel good music they can relate to

Anonymous said...

you both went mad hard for Soulja Boy

and as far as people wanting to listen to beats and not lyrics, just wanting to feel good....

That goes to show how ignorant,illiterate,and really retarded consumers are. Why buy an album and the only thing you enjoy is a dancy ass beat?

Its not that people dont have time to figure it out, it's that people (consumers) have grown too stupid to figure it out.

Im not taking up for charles hamilton because i personally dont care about either one of these niggas and/or what they do with their life and career.

--S.W.(Too lazy o sign in)

chavita!!! <3 said...

soulja boy is fucking ignorant fuck!!!!!

he's so fucking dumbbb ugh!!!
eat a dick!!

Velle Of CPC said...

i didnt go hard for soulja boy i went hard for the fact that this nigga is blaming a kid for the fact that his shit aint hot to the public.

like i said he should shake his head at the people and leave soulja boy alone.

you cant knock people for wanting to listen to something that will make them feel good. at this point and age in america i understand why people rather listen to some shit that would make me feel good than some lyrical shit .. people dont want to THINK about feeling good . they just want to feel good.

and diddy u know me well enough to know soulja boy aint my kind of music.