Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teairra Mari - U Said

Teairra said:
"You gave me a Roc and then you took it back"

AKA "Jay- Z You Lied To Me And Im Hurt". Teairra aint the only one who feels like Jay took the roc a few years back when they did that cover for (xxl?? Vibe??) that magazine. He wasClaiming he now had the new ROC, (LMAO @ Lebron James Being a Part of Rocafella tho!). Peedi Cack All of them are really upset with him. Im like the biggest Jay- Z fan but that was selfish.

I LOVE this song. I really do. I hear it leaked in MAY something. I googled Beyonce's "Roc" and this came up on Necole Bitchie. I never heard it but i like it. I Guess Im DEF Looking forward to her new album which needs to eventually drop soon before i forget.

Soon I'll HAve A Link To Download it.


She W0rd Hustlez said...

Man, I know they are pissed off. I think I bought her first album, for that one song she had out. I have no idea where that shit is.

Kofi Bofah said...

Bron Bron is part of the Roc?

Um er ah

LeBron: 2010 One Way Ticket to NYC


Super Woman said...

@Kofi Bofah

LMAO YES!! He was on the magazine cover posing with rocafella

He even wears a rocafella chain that im not sure, but i think Hova gave him.

Jervis said...

smh,what a scandal.lol