Saturday, January 10, 2009

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself+ Spreading Love The Brooklyn Way

SO Yeah!

I was on vacation and i know yall are like TRICK! Aint no vacation when you blooging. Well im different and i have a LIFE. YEP!


I Keep up with the blogs and all and i guess im so interested and wrapped up in the whole Biggie Smalls Movie and soundtrack that i dont even care much about nothing else. I guess Brooklyn Going a little too hard? Nahhh!!

Anyway as i sit here and i watch Smoking Aces On HBO with my box of Puffs plus lotion for my cold (With Vicks) and a bottle of Nyquil and a bottle of Vitamin Water (Shout out to 50) i have decided that i will be blogging soon
maybe because im back in school with not much of a life again ....

SOOOO I Hope You guys havent forgot about me yet and i cant wait to recruit New readers because alot of newer people have visited hit me up on myspace and left comments here.... You guys are hillarious

Next Blog Of The Week Coming Soon I Think I Wanna Profile Brothers Blog and Hits From The Blog Next ....

Anyway I Wanna Throw Up A Throwback Thats Not Really A throwback .... Like How 106 and Park Does

Since I Been Slackin On my R&B Posts Here's One for the R&B Thugs and Lovers.

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