Sunday, January 4, 2009

Soulja Boy ....A mess

I get the sense that Soulja Boi is hating on artists who just dont come from the north. I personally dont care i just wish he would educate his self and know that Lil' Wayne was NOT the first dude to declare himself the best rapper alive.

I know i said stay positive in previous posts but....*Sigh* didnt he say he wanted to be a mentor or someone that children could look up to. Does he not know that he's nothing positive he's uneducated in Music, Common sense, and he lacks a school education as well. Not my children.

Gucci Mane is his mentor.....and he wants to be a mentor for children

One thing i'll never allow the world to forget is the "Shout out to all the slave masters, if it wasnt for yall we would still be over in africa..."

I dont know .... i respect the little guy for making money and bringing his family out of the ghetto (Of Mississippi NOT Atlanta for you retards who think thats where he's from) but all of the other extra curricular stuff needs to stop. Nas killed hip hop, shout out's to Massa, and just ...everything. I think Collipark should keep this dude off of youtube and away from every camera lense unless he's shooting a video. He needs some kind of PR tips, everything.


G-M0N3Y said...

man, Soulja Boy needa go sit down somewhere .. ol' birch boy lookin ass negro .. i can't stand his 'yuuuuuuuul' ass!

Velle Of CPC said...

sigh... this nigga makin me look bad after i defended him. smh

riva. said...

i've been RIDICULOUSLY done with soulja boy since he disrespected my boy charles hamilton.

before that he was on my list for all the emcees i was going to choke that helped kill hip-hop.


E-Rich said...

Well, Velle, I hope you've learned your lesson. I hope everyone that's been standing up for Soulja Boy like it's their duty realizes what they're doing. Look, that last CD he put out, whatever it's called, only sold 46,000 it's first week. He is slowly going to drown in his own brutal suckage and then we won't hear about him anymore unless he's hating on other rappers, like Khia.

Anjl Marie said...


Amanda Allison said...

The audio for the first video isn't working, but I don't need to see it to know that soulja boy is, and will always be, whack!

Brothers Blog said...

I swear I can't stand Soulja boy. I don't even wanna go further into it.

Andre said...

I mean Soul is what he is... a young dude. and being that he's liable to run off a the mouth and say some real stupid shit... But as far as killed hip hop, it's been dead a a little before SBeezy hit the scene he's just the perfect vehicle for the hatered.

PS I fuck with turn my swag on, I heard it in the club and that shit is bananas

Uppity Diva said...

SOulja Boy has made himself the U.N. "Nigger of the Week". His ignorance is more than likely why his lil behind got robbed. He's all up in the camera talking recklessly about things he knows NOTHING about. I don't think his mouth consults his brain when he speaks - maybe he has some sort of mental defect. He can't possible think this a good idea. OR - as I play devil's advocate - it's a not-so-clever PR move to keep us talking about him.

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