Friday, January 2, 2009

Back Off Hiatus (Again)

WELL AS YOU ALL KNOW. Im still In NY and YES i took a hiatus. I dont feel like I missed much though. There's been alot of nothing going on. The only person who impressed me during my Hiatus was Ciara. YOU GO! She put out a mixtape i heard via Necole Bitchie and made a Diva Remix and a track that i think was hot, with 50 cent for her mixtape.

(Silently wonders to my self what The Crazed Ciara Fan is Saying about this post, Probably still calling me baldheaded Hmph!)

OH Dont let me forget HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope you all enjoyed. I dont know what my new years resolution is. I dont think i have one. It was originally to rid mysef of all negativity but i feel like i've done a good job of that over the past two years.

Ummmm I Heard Soulja Boy Said Nas Was Wack......Really???? LMAO

Biggie's Movie is on its way and im more and more excited

Did you guys see 7 Pounds? Great Movie Will Smith Is SMexy!!

Where's 50 and Jay-Z?

Fabolous ....I cant wait until Loso's way drops ...2009 is gonna be exciting

I Do however have one of the funniest Quotes I Have EVER heard (Not Including the One where Soulja Boy Gives a warm Hearty shout out to His Massa)

"First of all, I already know, men would be able to marry however many women they want. School would not be optional. It would be mandatory. Because I do not like unintelligent people – it's a pet peeve. If you dumb, you not around me. Other than that, did I mention the men would be able to marry women? Ain't no limit on that."

Seriously? For Real? Lil Wayne doesnt like dumb people? LMAOOO


Jervis said...

ahahahah,wow,reading that,I had NO clue that wayne would say that,smh.talkin bout SKOOL.dis nigga need to sit down

miss feedmekicks* said...

smfh @ wayne.

i heard him say some shit on vh1 one time too.

E-Rich said...

Didn't Nas stand up for Soulja Boy?

I agree with Lil Wayne, I hate dumb people, too, but Lil Wayne saying he can't hang around dumb people is like Prince being against gay marriage. Which he is.