Friday, January 2, 2009

Real N***as Do Real Things

Aint this the truth.

Its 2009 and I get sad watching people still fight Over Whose better; Biggie Or Pac? Both men were great in their own way. Pac was considered by some to be a revolutionary, one of those dudes who believed in the sayings of Malcolm X "By Any Means necessary" while Biggie was considered a story teller who told what i like to call crack stories.

In my eyes Biggie took the 80's and made it into a book. He spoke on the struggles and what all was happening on the streets of New York. He was a guy with a Microphone telling his life story. What other rapper do you know who had a life story to tell and told it in their music? Many rappers (50 Cent) get on by being real then somewhere along the road fall off (Yeah I Said It) and rap about a bunch of money and material things and lose the hunger and the notion of keeping it real. Biggie may have also eventually fallen off like most rappers do, and he may have still been one of the greatest, and jay-Z would still be a hype man or something, You never know and that "What If's" are the things that kill us the most. However back then he seemed as if he never would fall off and would be around having hip hop lovers nodding their heads to his hood stories.

The life and times of Biggie was a story that touched alot of people and meant alot to people from all over the 5 boroughs and even people in the west coast. Anybody can feel a dude thats sptting real shit over a beat.


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