Sunday, January 4, 2009


Thats what he should have did before he decided to make another one of these green screen videos with all the too fast for my eyes graphics. Chopped and screwed ...OK. Whatever that other video was he did like this getting mad. pushed my button. I didnt bother to watch so how about you guys tell me how you enjoyed it, or didnt, or wether you watched it or not.

Is it me or is Chris brown getting cuter and cuter. He was never all that cute how some girls stalk and riot over him BUT he growing up and he getting sexier. I guess i dont like cute i like sexy ...OK im rambling on


Velle Of CPC said...

i really like this song and im happy they finally made a video for it after 300yrs

but ... yes theres a but, all this nigga videos look the same now... tpain needs to sit his black krusty the clown lookin ass down somewhere.

miss feedmekicks* said...

chrisssss <3333

but anyways, i do think he shoulda went in a different direction with the vid.

i enjoy the song, but DAMNNNN.

G-M0N3Y said...

yea.. Chris Breezy is fooooiner than ever! love him! the song is a slappa, the video is blahh .. idk .. i just miss the regular story plotted, non-animated videos .. dig?