Saturday, January 31, 2009

HIP HOP TERMS: Gangster Rap

It's Saturday and I'm usually (as we all are) slow on days like these. I woke up early because I went to sleep early last night. I remembered that I had never read that XXL magazine from last month in its entirety. I picked it up, left out on my way to theatre rehearsal, and read it in front of my schools theatre. I usually shy away from long articles in magazines because of course, I'm from the microwave generation where we rush,run,and zoom through everything. I decided to sit down and read the entire article TOO HARD TO LIFT" since I had time before the rest of the people would get to rehearsal, and get ready to rehearse.

The Article Too Hard To Lift" (maybe I'm a tad bit slow but I didn't think the title went with the article at all) is about the lack or seemingly disappearance of Gangster Rap and The Gangster. I was VERY happy that I had taken the time to sit down and completely read through it (No Skimming, Skipping, Or blowing through....pause) because it was a very interesting, truthful, and enlightening article. While reading I ran across a quote that made me literally laugh out loud when I read it. It read:

"In the media 'Gangster Rap' is just another word they use to call us niggers"
----David Banner.

I know that the quote may not seem funny to you, but I thought it was.

Do You Agree or Disagree with David Banner?

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E-Rich said...

Yeah, last I checked Gangster Rap was a phrase labeling a form of rap and "niggers" was a noun meant to demean black people. His grammar is all wrong. I disagree, though. If you don't want to be called a nigger, then stop rapping about shooting other black people and bragging about how you decided to sell drugs instead of go to school.