Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gucci Mane Update!!

Me being from the north (New York) as most of my southern classmates say when we all get together, never really liked Gucci Mane's Music. The only songs that come to mind most of the time is "So Icey" and I only know of that because i was looking back into Jeezy's Career. Most of my southern compadre's Blame it on where i was born and raised but i blame it on the fact that im just not that into his music, whether he was from NY, Chicago, or even Milwaukee. When i heard he was locked up i was not suprised, but not moved by it at all. Though i say all of this alot of people are wondering exactly WHERE IS GUCCI MANE???????

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane appeared in an Atlanta courtroom on Friday (September 12) for a probation violation hearing, and didn't get good news. He's been ordered back to jail.

According to MYFox Atlanta, the rapper (real name: Radric Davis) failed to fulfill the required community service hours as part of his probation -- 600 hours, or 50 hours per month.

Officials said Gucci Mane has only served a total of 25 hours in the past three years. Therefore, his probation was revoked for one year, and is ordered back to jail.

The rapper is serving probation for the 2005 assault charge for attacking local promoter Troy Buffor with a pool cue.

He was also arrested in July on a DUI charge during a routine traffic stop in Georgia. However, the probation violation involved the assault case, not the DUI.

After Gucci Mane serves one year, he still has to serve another 2 and a half years of probation and fulfill the 600 hours of community service.

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E-Rich said...

Being that I'm from Baltimore, which is South but doesn't really feel like it, I know about all of these horrible Southern artists way before ya'll do. I knew about Three 6 Mafia since, like, 1995. Niggas been bumping Webbie and Lil Boosie since 2002 and Gucci Mane has been catching popularity in Baltimore since So Icy. Matter of fact, I can't go a day without hearing one damn Gucci Mane song. I actually know one guy that started liking Soulja Boy because Gucci Mane collaborated with him.