Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teairra Mari - Hunt For You

Yessss!!! Im so happy that she's making a comeback. I know there are people who usually dont agree with me and who i think is hot (Example = Ja Rule...Haters) but I heard some of Teairra Mari's newer tracks and i think her album is going to be good. Here's a preview of her video for one of her singles "Hunt For You"

I recently posted one of her tracks that will HOPEFULLY be on her up and coming album. Was she making references To Jay-Z? We dont know but if you look past what people are trying to analyze into the song and listen to it it's a hot song.


Cat Hill said...

Yo I'm feelin that Hunt 4 u song I listen to that like everyday!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a bit of a void in the young, female r&b market so she better scoop that up because she's putting out some hot stuff right now.

miss feedmekicks* said...

i heard this joint awhile back, but i wasn't too enthused because i didn't think she was ever going to make a come back.

but i loved it :)