Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Stay Ten Toes Down - Jadakiss

I Know Im Late BUT.....Its Jada And I Know Some People May NOT Have heard this ...

I think it is agreeable that after the wire there have been alot of Marlo Wanna Be's Fake Avon Barksdale's and They all out here perpetrating about to get Stringer Bell'd. But anyway I Love Jadakiss's Music and i know there are haters and doubters out there but i dont see how you guys can doubt this dude's music. When is His Album Coming out? I'll be like 3rd or Fourth on line.

Well Here's 1 Minute and 54 Seconds of Thug Bliss:

Ten Toes Down - Jadakiss


OK So i Googled Ten Toes Down (After I Posted Dont Ask Why) and i get this thing that pops up from "The Urban Dictionary" and LMAO This is what it said:

1. ten toes down
1.To be committed to something.

2.To devote 100% of your support.
Joe: "Are you coming with us to fight James' crew?"

Tim: "It's whatever with me. I'm ten toes down."

ALL That I Can Say is LMAO James's Crew? Who wanna go wit me to fight James's Crew? LMAO I QUIT.

I Cannot Make This Stuff Up.


Anonymous said...

I like that. "Ten Toes Down". I have always been a fan of Jadakiss's music. People sleep on him all the time. That's because people are too busy trying to superman hoes....lmao.

Super Woman said...

LMAO KENYAAAA ....i love my readers/people that comment.
You guys say the funniest stuff

Miss.Fortune said...

girl when i first started my blog i had a jadakiss song up!
i never slept on homie..he always spoke that real...i love REAL LYRICIST!

u wanna join me in a cali meets ny quest? 10 toes down! lmao!! omg..